I'm the manager of the hugely successful band, Dethklok. Don't fuck with them.

9th April 2014

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carnivaeen said: i missed you so much. i hope i will see you again some time.


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18th November 2013

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10th June 2013


robertdenirosmole said: Do you play an instrument? I mean you're in the studio with dethklok and all so don't you ever pick up on how they are playing?

I do not play any instruments, however, I can drop a mad beat.

19th May 2013

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Murderface: Another lame send-off from Charles!

Even in a serious situation, he attempts some humor. 

oh charlie.

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1st August 2012

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Put the boots to him. Medium style.
— Cfo

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30th June 2012


dontpanicpanic said: Do you think Toki is in the closet?

I am not, at this juncture in time, allowed to say either way. Next question, please.

27th July 2011


Expect updates soon. This whole “real life” outside of the “internet” is taking up more time than I thought it ever would. :|

23rd July 2011


22nd July 2011

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21st July 2011

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